Limited Lifetime Warranties

Over the years one thing remains clear: "You get what you pay for."

In respect to Limited Lifetime Warranties, I believe all manufacturers agree the work must be performed as per manufacturer requirements in order to obtain a full Limited Lifetime Warranty on any shingle.

With so many products and manufacturers in the industry, consumers want straight forward easy to understand information in respect to warranty coverage. A tall order in today`s landscape when everything reads like: "but not limited to, not withstanding, certain conditions apply" etc.

At First Choice Roofing & Renovations Inc., we not only explain your options, but we go over warranty information. We explain what`s necessary to obtain a full Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Installing a grade "A" premium roof system includes the following:

Ice & Water shield
Provides a second line of defense against infiltration due to ice dams or wind driven rain.

Leading edge Starter Strip
Has a sealing strip at the bottom of the edge allowing for a tight seal.

Synthetic underlayment
Covers the complete roof system to provide extra insurance against the chance of water penetration if you lose shingles due to high winds.

Premium Ridge Capping System
Provides additional protection along these high stress areas of the roof, also enhancing your home`s curb appeal by accentuating your roofline.

Ventilation Requirements
Often overlooked, is extremely important. Your roof has to be vented properly as per codes for our regions. Although time consuming, it is vital to minimize condensation due to humidity. A properly vented home ultimately will extend the life of the shingle and reduce energy costs.